Corporate mission: Lide, establish a career

Mission is the concentrated expression of our ultimate responsibility. It answers the company's core question of "why exists and for whom".

The company has established its mission as "Leading morality and establishing business", which clearly shows: We develop ourselves and create value for customers. It is the foundation of our business to improve our equipment based on the different needs of customers and make our equipment more humane and efficient.

"Complying with industry ethical standards and focusing on equipment quality and efficiency" together constitute the main theme of our mission.

Corporate Vision: To be a respected company

Vision is what we expect to see, we are willing to work hard for it, and can be achieved step by step through hard work. It answers the question of "where are we going".

We will give full play to the competitive advantages of the entire industry chain and become a leading, mature and stable enterprise in the industry. We effectively integrate various resources, seek and create new development opportunities, highlight our professional advantages, regional advantages, and management advantages, promote the synergy and linkage of various business segments, and achieve high-quality growth; at the same time, we rely on keen market judgment and Strong pioneering ability, with an international vision and behavior model, integrate into the big pattern of world development and achieve a high level of internationalization.

Corporate core values: quality assurance, value creation

Core values are the core principles that guide our behavior. It answers the question of "what are the core principles we pursue?" Our core value is "quality assurance, value creation".

"Quality assurance, value creation" is a summary and generalization of our long-term concern for high-quality services and advocating performance management. In the development process, we always emphasize customer-centricity, continuously improve our ability to perform integrity contracts, and ensure continuous optimization of our project quality, management quality, and service quality; we always adhere to the "performance culture" and achieve relevant benefits through high-quality services Win-win and maximization of value.

Enterprise spirit: integrity, innovation, transcendence, and win-win

Entrepreneurship is the work tendency and attitude and basic values shared by employees. It answers the question "what is the basic state we should hold in our work".

Our entrepreneurial spirit is "integrity, innovation, transcendence, and win-win". Integrity is the foundation of our business, innovation is our magic weapon, transcendence is our development motivation, and win-win is our value pursuit.